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  • What is the minimum age requirement to start a lesson?
    There is no age requirement to play music. However, we are currently accepting students ages 5 and above. For younger children, we highly recommend having them listen to music regularly and explore various types of instruments appropriate for their age. See the 'Lessons' tab for minimum age requirements for each instrument.
  • Which Instruments can my 5-year-old learn?
    For 5-year-old students, we recommend starting with either ukulele or piano. Since the ukulele's body is much smaller than guitar and has nylon strings, it would be much easier for younger students to learn. The piano is great for beginners as well because it can make sounds by simply pressing down keys. We recommend getting a digital keyboard for beginners. (See '06 Buying Guides)
  • What would be the appropriate quantity and duration of lessons per week?
    It's totally up to the students, but we recommend starting with 30-minute sessions once every week. For advanced students who want to learn topics such as technique, ear-training, in-depth music theory, composing, etc., a 1-hour session will provide them enough time to go over such topics.
  • Does my child get to perform at a recital?
    Yes, we do have an annual concert in October each year at Saddleback College. Due to COVID-19, there will be no concert this year. We are also working on adding band ensemble classes.
  • Do I get sibling discounts?
    Yes, we will only take the first child's registration fee and waive it for additional students. Since we give customized lessons to each student, there are no discounts on monthly lesson fees.
  • What do I need to purchase to begin lessons? (Buying Guides)
    For Guitar Students: 1. Acoustic Guitar Ymaha JR2 3/4 Size Guitar (Age 6 ~ 12) - $189 Yamaha F325D (Teenagers/Adults) - $199 2. Clip on Tuner KLIQ Uber Tuner - $23 3. Capo Professional Zinc Metal Capo - $6.99 4. Pick Dunlop Nylon Picks .60mm - $8.9 For Ukulele Students: 1. Ukulele Hola! Soprano Ukulele (Ages 5 ~ 12) - $59 Hola! Concert Ukulele (Teenagers/Adults) - $69 2. Clip on Tuner KLIQ Uber Tuner - $23 3. Capo Mini Size Ukulele Capo - $6.99 4. Pick Dunlop Nylon Picks .60mm - $8.9 For Piano Students: 1. Digital Keyboard Alesis Melody 61 MKII (Ages 5 and up) - $119 Alesis Recital 88 Key (Teenagers/Adults) - $235, $324 (Bundle) Alesis Virtue 88 Key (Teenagers/Adults) - $399 For Bass Students: 1. Bass Guitar Raptor 3/4 Size Bass Bundle (Ages 7 ~ 11) - $159 Stedman Pro Bass Bundle (Teenagers) - $149 Squier by Fender Bass Bundle (Teenagers/Adults) - $329 For Drum Students: 1. Electic Drumset Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit (Ages 7 and up) - $379
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